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About Our Ingredients: Olive Oil
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About Our Ingredients: Olive Oil

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Known for: Antibacterial, Moisturiser, Antioxidant

Can be found in: Shampoo Bar Oily Hair, Shampoo Bar Dry Hair, Shampoo Bar Normal Hair, Soap Bar Charcoal and Pine, Soap Bar Rosemary and Clay, Soap Bar Wine and Vine Leaves

Olive oil, or liquid gold, has proven to be a great addition to one’s diet, not only by taste but because of its health benefits. What about its use in skincare?


Olive oil does not need an introduction. It is widely known as the liquid goal, praised by its antioxidant qualities and properties, by its taste and by being a healthy fat that integrates the just-as-healthy Mediterranean diet.

However, you may not know that the origins of Olive Oil date back to the year 6000 BC, to the region formerly known as Galilee! Yes, 8 thousand years ago, humans had already discovered that pressing olives would produce a delicious oil, olive oil.

The techniques refined and olive oil was passed from generation to generation, from culture to culture. The Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East were then the hotspots for olive oil, but it quickly spread to other civilizations, like Ancient Egypt. The Roman and Greek Empires were responsible for further spreading olive oil to all of Europe.

Since then, olive oil has a strong route in Southern European history and culture. And you can easily verify that by eating a traditional Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian dish. Furthermore, olive oil and olive trees are and will always be connected to the Greek mythology – Athena gifted an olive tree to the city of Athens – and is universally had as a symbol of peace between notions – extend an olive branch, does that ring a bell?


Where our Olive Oil is sourced

Olive oil is a big part of our soap bars and shampoo bars, and as such, we look for only the best. Our extra virgin olive oil is sourced in the beautiful Portuguese southern plains, from local artisan producers. We use only extra-virgin olive oil which is derived by cold mechanical extraction without the use of any solvents or refining methods.


Cosmetic and skincare: the benefits of olive oil

The health benefits of including olive oil in one’s diet are well known. But there are also many benefits of using olive oil in skincare. Diverse studies have tested and investigated the action of olive oil in skin protection. And, sure enough, many studies show that olive oil – specifically phenolic compounds in it – display antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as antibacterial and antimicrobial and that it has a lot of potential in promoting wound healing as well as anti-carcinogenic properties.

Although not many studies have focused on this aspect, olive oil is also very moisturising and hydrating. As a beauty secret passed on from mothers to daughters, it is said that applying olive oil in your hair can help soften and hydrate it. For this reason, along with the antibacterial properties, olive oil is present on a range of skin and hair care products. Examples are our zero-waste Soap and Shampoo Bars.