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About Our ingredients: Rosemary

About Our ingredients: Rosemary


Known for: Antioxidant, Relaxing Properties, Memory Improvement

Can be found in: Rosemary Essential Oil, Rosemary and Clay Soap Bar, Premium Shampoo Bar Normal Hair

Typically Mediterranean, rosemary fills our kitchens with flavour, our houses with aromas, and our bodies with health. Know all about one of our favourites: rosemary.

Rosemary, a shrub originating from the Mediterranean area, is very popular as an herb, used both dried and fresh. Under the scientific name Salvia Rosmarinus, rosemary has more than twenty cultivars around the world and is used in a variety of products, from food to skincare. Rosemary tea is also very appreciated and even used in traditional herbal and Ayurvedic medicine.

Rosemary’s properties in health have been explored since ancient times, and recent research has been able to identify some potential benefits in many areas. Rosemary extracts have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and are quite popular in herbal medicine.

Rosemary is also believed to have a beneficial effect in the treatment and prevention of dementia, in memory improvement, and in cognitive performance, according to numerous studies. The effect of rosemary in stress seems to be beneficial, mainly through the use of rosemary essential oil.

But the research on the properties and health benefits of rosemary is ongoing. Exciting studies have shown a possible connection between rosemary and stroke recovery, prevention of retinal degeneration, or even in cancer preventionand treatment!

Where we source our rosemary

The rosemary essential we use in our natural products is sourced in the Setúbal region in south-west Portugal. This area is a perfect mix of plains and cliffs, with a warm and dry weather during summer and mild winters, and a perfect home for rosemary to grow.

The company we source our rosemary from is a local small business and all the rosemary comes from local farms in the area. The essential oils are produced in the Iberian Peninsula. Furthermore, all the plants we use in our products come from organic farming.


Rosemary in hair and skincare

Although rosemary is present in many cosmetics, hair and skincare products, and even perfumes, as a fragrance, its benefits and healing properties in skin and hair have also been studied.

In fact, there are several studies explore the beneficial effects of rosemary extract in the treatment of contact dermatitis, prevention of skin cancer, as well as the effect of rosemary oil in the treatment of acne and in the prevention of UV damage to the skin.

When it comes to hair, rosemary and rosemary essential oil seem to have some positive effect in the promotion of hair growth and the management of alopecia – being even compared to the popular treatment minoxidil.

At Green Tailors we absolutely love rosemary: because of its lovely and relaxing aroma and for its exciting properties. We love it so much, we included it in our Premium Shampoo Bar for normal hair and in our handmade Rosemary & Clay Soap Bar. For a relaxing, sense-stimulating environment, try out our vegan, eco-friendly and natural Rosemary Essential Oil.