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Green Tailors was launched in 2019 by three friends - Fernando, Francisco and Nuno - with a common goal. From our headquarters in Portugal, we started slowly but stubbornly committed to having an active voice in raising awareness and shaping the discussion around the negative impacts of climate change. We were appalled by what was going on in the world. How this affected the environment and resources, and the negative impact that It had on our people, on our communities. More than talking about the issue, we had the urge to have a direct contribution in shaping a more conscious, aware, healthy and empathic world. A place where humans and nature can coexist in a balanced way. Where people can have a more grounded and healthy lifestyle. We had a strong call to act. And Green Tailors came to life.

Green Tailors is more than a sustainable personal products brand. It is a movement of mindful human beings that aim to empower people to save our planet by introducing simple minor changes to everyday habits. We aim to be part of the solution to the challenges our planet currently faces. How? By raising awareness and by offering sustainable, high quality, affordable, everyday alternatives to "mainstream" personal care products. We offer true, honest and green alternatives that are accessible to everyone. Solutions that are available anytime and anywhere. Delivered to your doorstep. We are the "go-to" brand where people and businesses can find every day sustainable essentials without effort. We are part of a growing collective of people that know that we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly.

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Find the best shampoo bar for your hair type

Your hair is unique, treat it like such

Haircare is a tricky business. To get your hair just right you need to know its unique needs and characteristics. You should look for a hair product that complements your hair’s natural traits and works with your body's chemistry to enhance its look, feel and health.

You can pick the right shampoo for you, and the world, by following three easy steps:

1. Focus on your scalp

If you have an oily scalp but dry hair, get shampoo for an oily scalp and use conditioner to moisturize your hair. Shampoo cleans dirt, oil and styling products from your scalp and the roots of your hair. Making the choice means having options. That’s why Green Tailor has a product for every kind of hair.

2. Be eco-conscious

Hygiene shouldn’t mean buying an ever-renewing supply of plastic bottles. Much like soap, shampoo bars minimize their environmental impact by reducing packaging to asmall wrap. If you want to wash your hair guilt free, try Green Tailor’s soap bars, which come in a biodegradable package.

3. Make a convenient choice

With Green Tailors’ subscription model, you can get handmade, natural, locally sourced shampoo bars delivered to your door at regular intervals. Deliveries come in intervals of one to four months, so you can just set it and forget it.  

How to care for...

Oily hair

When caring for an oily or greasy scalp you’re trying to contain excess sebum production. Avoid shampoo bars for curly hair and look for those focused on

strengthening your hair. But don’t go overboard: clarifying shampoos can leave you with dry skin, which will produce more sebum.

The virgin olive oil and activated charcoal shampoo bar from Green Tailor is your product of choice in this scenario. Thisoily hair shampoo bar extracts impurities from your scalp, whilst cleaning the pores on your skin by removing excess sebum. The activated charcoal will gently exfoliate the scalp.

Take your time working the shampoo into your scalp to break up the oil. Rinse well afterward. When applying conditioner, don’t have it touch your scalp. Again, rinse well.


Dry hair

Is your scalp itchy and flaky? You have dry hair. Avoid volumizing shampoo, which will remove moisture from your scalp. Go with products that promote moisture retention and work well for curly hair. Sulfates are not your friend either, they’ll dry out your scalp.

Green Tailor’svirgin olive oil and cocoa butter shampoo bar is your best bet. Made specifically for dry hair, this shampoo bar brings vitality to your hair by replenishing the oils lost at the hands of chemical-based shampoos.

Having a dry scalp is one more reason to properly shampoo your hair. Make sure you apply carefully and have your hair and scalp absorb the full effect.


Normal hair

If you sit somewhere in the middle, count your winnings and go with the best of bothyour scalp’s health. Your hair will stay lustrous through the grape seed’s concentration of vitamin E.

Plus, you get to enjoy all the benefits a shampoo bar from Green Tailor carries, no matter your hair type. Green Tailor produced handmade shampoo bars crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Each eighty-gram shampoo bar is both vegan and natural based.

To use a shampoo bar, you wet your hair, rub the bar between your hands and massage your scalp and hair with the resulting lather. Afterward, you just have to rinse your scalp and store your shampoo bar in a dry place.