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Green Tailors was launched in 2019 by three friends - Fernando, Francisco and Nuno - with a common goal. From our headquarters in Portugal, we started slowly but stubbornly committed to having an active voice in raising awareness and shaping the discussion around the negative impacts of climate change. We were appalled by what was going on in the world. How this affected the environment and resources, and the negative impact that It had on our people, on our communities. More than talking about the issue, we had the urge to have a direct contribution in shaping a more conscious, aware, healthy and empathic world. A place where humans and nature can coexist in a balanced way. Where people can have a more grounded and healthy lifestyle. We had a strong call to act. And Green Tailors came to life.

Green Tailors is more than a sustainable personal products brand. It is a movement of mindful human beings that aim to empower people to save our planet by introducing simple minor changes to everyday habits. We aim to be part of the solution to the challenges our planet currently faces. How? By raising awareness and by offering sustainable, high quality, affordable, everyday alternatives to "mainstream" personal care products. We offer true, honest and green alternatives that are accessible to everyone. Solutions that are available anytime and anywhere. Delivered to your doorstep. We are the "go-to" brand where people and businesses can find every day sustainable essentials without effort. We are part of a growing collective of people that know that we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly.

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The benefits of essential oils

Essential oils, this, essential oils, that. What are they exactly and what are thebenefits of essential oils? We clear it up for you. 

Essential oils have gained a lot of popularity and have been intimately linked with aromatherapy. However, essential oils have a wide range of uses outside aromatherapy, from perfumes to soap, toothpaste or food, suggesting that thebenefits of essential oils can be more diverse than we even think.

Some essential oils are even used in non-toxic biopesticides or repellents since some plants contain compounds that repel insects and pests. For example, citronella oil is highly effective in repelling mosquitoes.

What is exactly an essential oil?

Essential oil is a very concentrated hydrophobic extract of a plant. The name “essential” derives from “essence”, as in essential oils contain the essence of the fragrance of the plant they are made from.


What are thebenefits of essential oils?

When connected to aromatherapy, essential oils have been shown to have beneficial effects as a complementary therapy on long-term stress,anxiety, depressive states, and to help with relaxation andsleep. Some studies have even shown that some essential oils might have aneffective action against respiratory pathogens

Thebenefits of essential oils vary from person to person: while some might use them only to provide a natural scent to their homes, some other use it as a complement to a natural, healthy lifestyle – like in relaxation aids.

Because essential oils are so concentrated and made from plants, they can cause an allergic reaction when in contact with the skin. However, essential oils that are not specifically made to be ingested or applied topically, should never be used as such.


What are the uses for Green Tailors Essential Oils?

The Green Tailors essential oils line, “Essential Oils”, is 100% natural, no nasty chemicals added. We obtain our essential oils by steam distillation of the plants. 

Our essential oils are primarily designed to be used as ambience scent. You can use them with a common diffuser in your home, be it a stick diffuser, a steam diffuser, or a reed diffuser. Since our natural essential oils are highly concentrated, to get all thebenefits of our essential oils, you will only need about 6 to 8 drops per every 20 square metres to create a lovely, relaxing ambience.

You can even use theGreen Tailors Essential Oils line to give a natural, delightful fragrance to your natural heating pad or pillow. Just use a few drops in the centre of your natural heating pad filled with buckwheat, rice or other grain, and wait for the lovely aromas to be released when heated.

The Green Tailors Essential Oils line is not appropriate to be ingested. Our oils should be used for external use only.

Green Tailors Pine Tree Essential Oil

TheGreen Tailors Pine Tree Essential Oil is obtained via steam distillation of the pine needles. Pine tree essential oil is recognised as a disinfectant for its antiseptic properties.   Its natural, fresh fragrance is a great way to aromatise your home or car while giving you a reinvigorating feel of nature.

This oil is 100% natural, vegan, and environmentally friendly, as the techniques we use to obtain it respect nature and the environment.

Green Tailors Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender and lavender essential oil are known for its amazing calming properties. Many people with anxiety or insomnia issues use lavender essential oils to relax and induce sleep, as the lavender’s sweet aromahas been shown to help with these situations.

Two studies have even explored thebenefits of this essential oil in thequality of sleep of new mothers, andcoronary heart disease patients and both results were positive.

You can use a few drops ofGreen Tailors Lavender Essential Oil in your natural heating pad, or the back of your pillow for a soothing night’s sleep. You can also use it in a diffuser in your home, for a relaxed ambience.

This oil is 100% natural, vegan, and environmentally friendly, as the techniques we use to obtain it respect nature and the environment.

Green Tailors Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is a herb that has a reputation of helping with digestion issues. For this reason, there is research being done on the potentialbenefits of the essential oil on thedigestive system and while no definite conclusions exist yet, the result of this study pointed a possible beneficial effect. Another study found that rosemary essential oil can havebeneficial effects on memory.

TheGreen Tailors Rosemary Essential Oil is fresh, revitalising, and soothing. Its fragrant scent is powerful yet delicate and will give your home, office or car a deep and compelling ambience.

This oil is 100% natural, vegan, and environmentally friendly, as the techniques we use to obtain it respect nature and the environment.