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Code of Conduct


We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, and empowering the communities where we live and work.

We, the GREEN TAILORS, aspire to engage with civil society, governments, the private sector, and peers to affect systemic change of labor and environmental challenges of the places where we live and work.

Our products aren’t just produced better, they’re produced responsibly. Here’s how we can make that claim:

Our Code of Conduct shapes our core values into a plan for our partners and ourselves.

We stand behind our words. Our partners do too. To make sure that all of our suppliers are following our Code, independent monitors are built into the process, keeping everyone accountable and inspiring continuous improvement.
We work together to ensure that our Code is being followed.

We’re thinking far beyond products. We the GREEN TAILORS aspire to work with businesses, governments, and throughout our community to create deep and lasting changes in labor and environmental practices all over the world. Our partnerships are built around transparency, collaboration, and shared values.

This isn’t normal. This is an uprising: of responsible innovation, sustainable collaboration, better materials, transparent communities, and all around good vibes.