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5 reviews
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5 reviews
€24,90 €19,90


500 ML

Termic Bottle, double-walled stainless, perfect to keep hot or cold liquids.

Rust-resistant and durable. The double-walled stainless in vacuum insulation keeps drinks warm or cold for a long time.

- Double Wall Vacuum Insulated

- Leak Proof Sports Bottle

- Keep Liquid Cold for up to 24 Hours

- Wide Mouth



  • Perfect Insulation: Thanks to the wall vacuum insulated technology, this water bottle effectively keep your liquid cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. - 100%
  • Leak-proof: A truly leak-proof bottle with cap screws on tight and no sweat on the exterior. You can store it anywhere you want without worrying about it spilling, no damp mess.
  • Handy and Easy to Use: Thanks to the wide opening, you can easily add in ice cubes and clean the inner wall of the bottle. Designed with a carrying loop for convenient transport. Perfect size to hold and fit most cup holders in car or bike.
  • Durable and Eco-friendly: Made from food grade stainless steel, no chemicals nor metallic tastes. Designed to last, this bottle is a sustainable and affordable alternative to plastic bottles.
  • How to Use


  • Get your bottle up to temperature: Whether you're going for a hot drink to keep you warm over the winter months or just wanting to keep your drink icy cool for as long as possible, getting your water bottle to a good starting temperature will give it the extra edge. We've all had that experience when out having a drink at a bar on a hot day, and they issue you a nice warm glass straight from the dishwasher. It's no fun watching your ice cubes melt at a rapid pace!
  • Chill Out: Chilling the inside before adding your drink can really help make your drink stay cooler for longer. You can add some ice cubes or simply fill your bottle with cold water to pre-cool it. Storing an insulated steel bottle in the fridge, however, won't have much of an effect. This is because while insulated drinks bottles may feel cold to touch, the inside won't be as cold air is unable to get in. For example, the double-walled construction of the Green Tailors water bottle traps air in between the layers to allow the contents to stay cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12.
  • Pre-warming: Conversely warming up your drinks bottle before adding your tea or coffee goes a long way too. A quick run under the hot tap pre-warms the inside, so hot drinks don't instantly cool down when they hit the cool inner wall. This simple trick will give your bottle an extra boost, which is perfect for those big outdoor days. When you're leaving at home at daybreak and want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee at the summit of your climb, or beach picnic spot!
  • Fill your bottle right up: This is a common mistake that gets overlooked when maximising the use of your water bottle. Even leaving a little space at the top can trap warm or cool air inside, causing the contents to either rapidly cool down or warm-up. Have you ever noticed that after you've opened and drank out of a drinks bottle with hot contents, the drink quickly cools down afterwards? This is why, so make sure you fill her up to the top!
  • Keep your steel water bottle safe: To ensure your bottle has a long and healthy life, we recommend avoiding drops and knocks. While insulated steel water bottles are much better than plastic bottles when it comes to keeping your drink at the right temperature, its ability to do so will decrease if the outer wall gets dented. So just go easy when you're handling your bottle and try and avoid that awful ""clang!"" as it falls to the floor. "
  • Cleaning steel water bottles: Some days we enjoy hot chocolate and other days we prefer a gin and tonic. However, there is no joy in that stale mix of previous enjoyed drinks mixing in an unpleasant concoction! So how do you give your bottle the best clean in between outings? The best way is with hot soapy water and a brush. Luckily, the Green Tailors insulated steel water bottle has a wide mouth which makes it easy for washing, while some of the other available brands are not quite as wide. Give it a good soak and use the brush to get to the bottom and scrub off any residue.
  • Drying and storing steel bottle: If you're anything like us then your water bottle is usually rinsed, refilled and back out again. If you wish to store it, however, we advise removing the lid when leaving it to dry and keeping the lid off when putting it away so that the bottle can breathe. This can prevent any nasty smells building up in the bottle. "
  • Materials

    Stainless steel, bamboo (top)

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    Customer Reviews
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    A Green Tailors Customer
    Carola B.
    France France
    Great quality

    It's a useful addition to my sustainable kit - just the right size for a winter hike or a night in front of the TV. The construction is solid and keeps my drinks hot for several hours as advertised.

    Jane T.
    Spain Spain
    Water 'thermos' bottle

    Perfect. I go sea swimming once a week and take the flask. Wouldn't go without it now!!

    Cristina M.
    Portugal Portugal

    Love it. Only tried it with cold beverages and works great

    Manuela M.
    Portugal Portugal

    adoro..nunca mais a larguei

    Green Tailors

    Muito obrigado pelo comentário :)

    Belgium Belgium
    Heat bleeding and loose cap

    Note: I received my bottle as a free add-on during a promotion. The bottle cap is not isolated, just the body; so heat escapes heavily from the top when storing hot liquids. My hot water for tea only lasted around 2 hours decently and the top part became hot to the touch. Also, the bamboo cap came off quite easily and I've had to do some adjustments to get it back on. When the bamboo cap came off, you could see the cap was not isolated.

    Green Tailors

    Thanks for your review Jerry, we'll look at the issue of the bottle cap in order to make it more robust. We'll always try to improve our products based on the feedback from our customers.