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Toothpaste tabs: it's just like toothpaste, but without waste!

Toothpaste tabs: it's just like toothpaste, but without waste!


Toothpaste tabs are better for you and the environment.
They are greener, travel easier and healthier. This is why.

It’s easy to forget how wasteful toothpaste can be. Landfills are the final resting place for one billion plastic toothpaste tubes every year. These containers are not biodegradable. Even if you clean and recycle your toothpaste, you should know that the tubes are made from plastics, aluminium, steel, resins or nylon, which need to be processed separately.


Brush the pollution away

One answer is toothpaste tabs. Tabs are functionally the same as regular toothpaste. You bite down on the dry tabs, then brush over them with a wet toothbrush, turning it into a foam. At that point, it feels and operates the same as the dental care products you’re used to.

Toothpaste tabs don’t add trash to landfills or incinerators. Tabs come in glass, paper or metal containers (as with Green Taylor’s Dental Toothpaste Tabs), which can be reused, refilled or recycled.

Packaging makes a world of difference. Both the carbon cost of producing the tab’s packages and the energy cost of recycling is reduced in comparison with the production and transformation of a toothpaste tube, by the mere virtue of reducing the number of components used.

When you use toothpaste tabs, you’re also cutting down on the white residue left on your counter. Tabs don’t drip down in blobs and stain your sink.

Tabs are better for the environment, and you

The toothpaste needs to stay liquid, so it has quite a few chemicals that tabs get to avoid. Parabens and triclosan are mixed together with preservatives in the average toothpaste tube. These chemicals get into your body and go down the drain.

The phosphorus and triclosan you spit into the sink flow to sewers, rivers, and oceans, causing large-scale environmental damage. Toothpaste is a major cause of algae growth in waterways, which takes away oxygen from other living beings.

Some hormones in toothpaste also disrupt the growth of marine animals and foster the development of bacteria. The result is a decrease in biodiversity.

Green Taylor’s natural toothpaste tabs, on the other hand, contain no unnecessary ingredients and are preservative-free. That allows them to be BDIH Certified, sustainable and ecological.


Toothpaste tabs protect your teeth

Being natural doesn’t make toothpaste tabs any less effective. Green Taylor uses fluoride to help the remineralization of your teeth. Fluoride strengthens the outer layer of teeth, the enamel. The added strength helps to prevent cavities. In the long run, it’ll even reverse early signs of tooth decay.

The ecological components also protect against tartar and caries. If left uncared for, tartar can accumulate and cause permanent tooth decay and gum disease. Tartar forms below and above the gum line and can lead to receding gums, make it harder to brush, damaging bone and tissue.

Tabs are appropriate for all kinds of routines and are good for sensitive tests. Besides, they won’t get stuck in airport security when you’re traveling. No liquids, no problems.

One hundred menthols flavoured toothpaste tabs from Green Taylor’s are priced at 8,90€. You can always subscribe to the product, and have it delivered to you at regular intervals, so you never run out of toothpaste tabs.